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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nigeria in conjunction with the Association of Ghana Industries Officially invites you to NEPAD Africa Trade Fair of indigenous products and services, 2015.

The Programme is scheduled as follows;


October, 2015


Abuja, Nigeria

The theme for the 2015 NEPAD Trade Fair is: “Harnessing Potentials for Inclusive Regional Growth”. The Trade Fair is designed to facilitate Africa’s integration and economic development by providing the platform for intra-African trade interactions and cooperation.  The home grown initiative is also aimed at providing  a veritable platform for African businesses to synergize and trade with each other, thereby foregoing a common trade front necessary for Africa’s competiveness in the global market.

The 2015 NEPAD Trade Fair Programme will consist of a 5 day Exhibition of African made products and services and 2 day Business and Investment Forum on Africa. It is also designed to open windows of opportunities for African products in the international market as well as regulating and ensuring that only quality products are imported into Africa.

Again, the fair will also provide a unique meeting point for networking and exchange of ideas between investors, financiers, manufacturers, exporters and entrepreneurs through the Fair’s Business and Investment Forum (BIF). 

Interested person should contact the following numbers and e-mail address, +234803-288-6835,+234805-274-0542 and [email protected]

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