Date: 2019-05-10

Fourteen managers were on Wednesday 8th and Thursday, 9th May 2019 taken through a two-day capacity building training on Corporate Leadership and Governance at the AGI office in Accra.

The training, which was organized by the Business Development Services (BDS) department of the AGI, in partnership with Ishmael Yamson and Associates, was designed for leaders who need to understand governance arrangements and leadership dynamics of companies.

The health and sustainability of every company depends on the quality of its Corporate Governance Arrangements and the Leadership which drives it. Many companies take these for granted and do not implement the appropriate Governance Framework and invest in identifying, equipping and growing the kind of leaders who will carry the responsibility of corporate behavior. In modern management, these two pillars, Governance, and Leadership are imperative for all-round effectiveness and efficiency, necessitating this two-day seminar.

Participants at the seminar were taken through topics such as Understanding of Concept, Principles, and Elements of Corporate Governance, the Balance of Rights and Responsibilities in Corporate Governance, Corporate Governance across the core Business Activities and the link between Leadership, Corporate Governance and Company Performance. Other topics treated include the Roles and Responsibilities of Leadership in the corporate environment, leadership and team dynamics, and application of Leadership Tools for Effectiveness.

The training, designed to be interactive and practical was conducted via case studies, presentations, syndicate, and plenary discussions. It had executive and non-executive managers from LMI Holdings, Samartex, Jospong Group, Wella Investments Ltd, Mivsa Ltd and Health Soul Natural Health clinic. The rest are Norpalm Ltd, Aidec Holdings, ZOIL Services Ltd and GEP Consultations Ltd. It was facilitated by Mr. Raymond Ackah, CEO of Ishmael Yamson & Associates.