Fao Nutrition-Sensitive Food Systems And Value Chain Mentorship, Training And Learning Event For Selected Smes In The Agri Food Sector.

Fao Nutrition-Sensitive Food Systems And Value Chain Mentorship, Training And Learning Event For Selected Smes In The Agri Food Sector.


The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, with support from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) of Japan, and with AGI as its service provider, implemented the project. The project was titled “Strengthening capacities for nutrition-sensitive food systems through multi-stakeholder approach.”

 The project used mentoring, training, and learning events to increase the capacity of participating SMEs and professionals to promote nutrition-sensitive food systems and healthy diets. AGI selected experts in the food industry, the University of Ghana, and the Food Research Institute to be mentors for the program. Mentors transmitted knowledge and professional development through face-to-face and virtual communication for specific periods between mentors and beneficiaries. Trainings were organized on various topics, and learning events were organized to bring participating SMEs, mentors, and trainers together to share good practices taught during the training session. The learning events were interactive and creative, using delivery methods such as PowerPoint presentations and practical representations during field visits.

The training activity was held from 19th – 21st October 2021. Other activities such as the mentorship programs, learning event, and on-field practical took place from the 8th of November 2021 till the 4th of March when the project ended.

The training took place at the Forest Hotel, Dodowa in the greater Accra region, while other subsequent events took place at various production sites of the beneficiaries.

The ultimate impact sought by this project was to sustain food and nutrition security and improve health.

The project aimed to increase the capacities of thirty (30) SMEs and professionals working with SMEs in the agri-food sector.

Overall, the nutrition-sensitive food systems program for the selected SMEs largely achieved its objectives, as reflected in the intensity of the mentorship, testimonials, the current processes and facilities of the SMEs involved, and the outcome of the final evaluation.


  1. Afrangold Enterprise
  2. VAAD Agricultural Commodities Company
  1. Chrislaw Ventures
  2. Saud’s Classic
  3. Wusamil Food Spice
  4. Yomle Foods Enterprise
  5. C. M Mushrooms
  6. Sakoi Vision Ltd
  7. Adela Foods
  8. Granny’s Health Foods
  9. Afrangold Enterprise
  10. Crescent Farms
  11. Napta Enterprise
  12. Tisha Enterprise
  13. Darsfarm
  14. Darsfarm
  15. Eden Tree
  16. Erofrah Fruit Processing
  17. Ibanewel Farming Enterprise
  18. JEGS Company Limited
  19. Landless farms
  20. Unique Solution Farms (Unifresh)
  21. Ropryn Company
  22. Rosh Pinnah Ventures
  23. Vintage Farms Limited
  24. Asuansi Farm Institute
  25. Jays Food
  26. PCM Mushrooms