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Refer a Member

Membership Benefits

You have the opportunity to give your friends and colleagues in the industry a voice, and to make our association stronger. When you refer a colleague to the Association of Ghana Industries, we’ll send you a token of our appreciation.

When you refer a friend or colleague who mentions your name when they join, you will receive a Fee!

Referral benefit: there’s no limit – 1 new member = 1 Advert slot on AGI’s website; 2 new members = 2 Advert slots on AGI’s website, and so on. Refer someone today!

Referrals must be new; reinstated candidates do not qualify for the Advert slot on AGI’s website.


How to Make a Referral to the Association of Ghana Industries?
  • Provide them with a link to apply
    Just forward on the www.agighana.org/member/ link to get them started.

  • Show them the member benefits pages on the website
    Let them see how much the association can provide via this link.

  • Does your institution reimburse membership?
    Let your peers know that they can expense their dues.

  • Invite them to participate in AGI sector meetings, Trainings, Events and more to provide essential information to keep them current.

  • Give it your stamp of approval Your personal endorsement is critical.

  • Follow up
    Check in with your referrals after one week, to see if they’ve wisely joined the Association!